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More than 200 light sources in a modern automobile

Innovative developments in automotive lighting

Night Breaker - the next generation of OSRAM's successful carlight

Performance lamps represent power, luminous intensity, maximum light output, as well as high-end technologies. Automotive performance lamps from OSRAM set new standards for automotive lighting with their increased visibility. From xenon and halogen technologies and several product lines, you can select the right lamp to suit your personal requirements.

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Game-changing components for automotive applications

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a spectrum of infinite possibilities of high-quality products in the field of illumination, visualization and sensor technology. Our extensive technological know-how and our passion for innovation make us a global leader in the field of optical semiconductors.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ answers for automotive lighting applications are the result of unceasing research, meticulous engineering, and our passion for perfection. Our focus is always on enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

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LiDAR plays a key role in advanced driver-assistance systems

The latest automotive technology using invisible light, LiDAR (light detection and ranging), plays a key role in advanced driver-assistance systems, which are increasingly enabling semi-autonomous to fully autonomous driving capabilities.

LiDAR systems generate laser pulses that hit objects and reflect light back onto a detector. The time of travel of the laser beam establishes the distance to the object. OSRAM’s multi-channel laser light source enables vehicles to generate an accurate, three-dimensional image of their surroundings and use this information to initiate the appropriate driving maneuvers. An accurate evaluation of the vehicle’s surroundings is crucial for safe autonomous driving.

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Laserlight Headlights

Headlights using laser technology are the next stage in automotive lighting. Due to the high luminance of the laser, which is about five times higher than the best of other light sources available today, these headlights double the best high beam range previously available, from 300 to 600 meters (2,000 feet).

OSRAM’s energy-efficient laser lighting, which includes some of the smallest technology components available, found its way into serial car production with the BMW i8 and the BMW 7 series as boosters added to the high beam. This provides better visibility for the driver and thus greater road safety.

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