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  • An internet connection with wireless router
  • A LIGHTIFY system (LIGHTIFY App, Gateway + Devices) with the latest update
  • An Google Home-enabled device and the Google Home App with an account

1. If not already done, set up your Google Home device and your LIGHTIFY system.

2. Open the Google Home App

3. Open the menu and Select “Home Control” from the Settings Tab. Add the LIGHTIFY service (EU - OSRAM LIGHTIFY Europe, NAFTA - OSRAM LIGHTIFY North America) with the “+” button to connect your account and identify your installed devices. Now you need to confirm your LIGHTIFY account data: press “Log In” and “Approve”.

4. Your LIGHTIFY Account will be synchronized with the Google Home and your devices and sceenes added to the Google Home App. Unfortunately it is not possible to import groups so you need to assign rooms to the devices. Important: Please make sure to use the same names for the rooms as the names you have chosen for the groups in the LIGHTIFY App (e.g. "Livingroom") in order to ensure a smooth group control.

For more information on connecting your Smart Home devices, please visit:

Introduction: Connect LIGHTIFY with Google Home

To add more devices to Google Home just use the voice command:

"OK Google, sync my devices"

Once you have created a name for a device or group of devices and they're displayed in your app, you can use the word "Ok, Google" to give commands:


  • Turn on the lamps
  • Turn on the lamps in the [devicename]
  • Turn off the lamps
  • Are the lamps on in the [devicename]?
  • Dim the [devicename]
  • Dim [devicename] to 30 percent.
  • Set brightness of [devicename] to 40 %.
  • Turn the [devicename] blue.
  • Is the light on in John's office?

Switches and Plugs

  • Switch [Name of device] on / off.

Please be aware, if you have multiple groups/rooms with the same name, for example two bathrooms, Google will have problems to understand which on you want to control.

You can only have one Google account linked to your LIGHTIFY Action.

LIGHTIFY Technical Support

Our service team is there for you from Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm!