Ambient Lighting - RGB

Ambient Lighting adapts and makes you feel at home.

About Ambient Lighting

From design to functional elements, ambient illumination ensures an individual communication between you and your car via highly integrated RGB solutions. Light-based applications in the automotive sector today no longer fulfill purely functional tasks, but are increasingly developing into elementary components of design. Ambient lighting is thus becoming the design component in the car interior. From vibrant shades of blue and green to soothing yellow-orange and dynamic red – the atmosphere in the interior can be increasingly customized, as the lights adapt to taste and mood.

At the same time, the lighting itself becomes more and more of an eye-catcher, since compact LEDs can now be used as light sources »hidden« beneath textiles or plastics, only visible when switched on (so-called »material illumination«). In addition, special roof lighting displaying for example the night sky broadens the possibilities of further individualization in the interior and makes passengers feel comfortable. #DestinationTomorrow


The OSIRE® E5515 is a three-color, RGB emitting side emitter enabling light coupling into thin materials, such as lightguides. The package design of ams OSRAM’s OSIRE® E5515 enables ultra compact designs and is optimized for the low height required for in-mold applications.

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OSRAM OS - your partner for Ambient Lighting

With many years of experience and outstanding qualifications, OSRAM OS is one of the few players in the automotive market that not only offers a wide range of products in various power classes, sizes and wavelengths of LEDs, but also all common IR technologies – from IREDs to VCSELs and lasers. The interplay of all these components creates a unique driver experience that makes OSRAM OS – the partner of choice for ambient lighting.

Our ambition – the best Ambient Lighting for you:  

We are continuously working on new ambient lighting solutions that go beyond the purely optical field. In this context, lighting solutions in the areas of head-up display, driver monitoring and augmented reality are becoming increasingly important. We are also developing more and more applications that skillfully combine visible and invisible light - all with the overarching desire to offer you the best and latest ambient lighting systems.


Ambient Lighting applications by OSRAM OS feature a broad range of benefits. Whether it is in terms of brightness, resolution, design freedom or color homogeneity in greater systems. Explore the benefits that make our Ambient Lighting technology and products unique:

Improved color homogeneity & color accuracy The RGB LEDs from Osram OS have a calibration and binning that provides a significant improvement of the color homogeneity. They also allow the use of multiple intensity- and color binnings without compromising color accuracy.

Extended range of colors & brightness levels Osram OS LEDs, such as the LED TOPLED® E1608, OSIRE® and OSTUNE®, have a wide range of options for color and brightness levels. They are therefore suitable for a variety of applications and meet all automotive standards.

Increased performance & efficiency of design freedom Osram OS offers miniaturized LEDs that do not compromise on performance or energy efficiency. Therefore, the latest LED generations ensure the maximum freedom of design.

Enhanced brightness The latest chip technologies such as ThinGaN, thin film and Sapphire provide enhanced brightness. In combination with particularly efficient converters, the low-power LEDs can ensure high performance values despite the enormous miniaturization


  • package: white PLCC-6 package, silicone resin
  • color: red/true green/ blue, 625 nm (red), 528 nm (true green), 460 nm (blue)
  • viewing angle: Lambertian Emitter (120°)
  • chiptechnology: ThinFilm (red),ThinGaN (true green, blue)
  • soldering methods: reflow solderable
  • preconditioning: acc. to JEDEC Level 2
  • ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV acc. to JESD22-A114-D

OSIRE® Family

  • Qualifications: AEC-Q102 Qualified
  • Individually adressable chips
  • Wide color range offered
  • Small color bin size
  • Portfolio supports all existing ambient applications

  • Foot room illumination
  • Roof lighting
  • Material illumination


The MULTILED® is especially designed for interior automotive applications and RGB displays. The 6-lead technology offers an additive mixture of color stimuli by independent driving of each chip. The white package guarantees high brightness.

OSIRE® E3635

The OSIRE® E3635 offers an established footprint and package technology offering a wide color range customers benefit from.

OSIRE® E3323

The OSIRE® E3323 is designed for automotive ambient applications. With its compact size, the device offers a maximum of flexibility for various assembly situations. All measurement data of every single LED is made available at 10 and 50 mA via an imprinted data matrix code. This feature helps to reduce the optical measurement effort on customer side.

OSIRE® E5515

The OSRAM OSIRE® E5515, KRTB AELPS1.32 RGB sidelooker device, is specifically designed for automotive interior applications. It offers individually addressable LED chips for a maximum of flexibility in terms of color point, driver selection and interconnection. Due to the low profile, the OSIRE® E5515 is ideally suited for coupling into thin lightguides and enables ultra compact designs.