Horticulture Lighting

LEDs for Horticulture Lighting

OSLON® Square Hyper Red next generation

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors leaps into the next chapter in horticultural lighting surpassing the efficacy threshold of 75%

Setting a new standard for professional horticulture applications. The new generation OSLON Square Hyper Red 660 nm is unmatched in its class of High Power LEDs. Significantly anticipating the performance roadmap plans, the new generation OSLON Square Hyper Red delivers performance levels that cannot be refuted.

With the expansion of LED lighting into horticulture, the real test of expertise and know-how lies within offering consistent growth practices and responsible use of energy whilst ensuring the cultivation of high quality crops for growers and end users. Most TCO calculations rely on high efficacy and sustainable long-term light output.

“Through our rich legacy of RED chip and epi technology, OSRAM’s long expertise enables us to offer LED solutions supporting the growing food needs for generations to come,” says Alexander Wilm, Senior Key Expert at OSRAM OS.

Regardless of weather, season and time of day, plants much like humans, need light to thrive. The right light strategy is key. In its next generation Hyper Red, the OSLON Square offers a radiant flux of 1030mW at 73% WPE and a photon flux of 5,7µmol/s at an efficacy of 4.0 µmol/J at 700mA. Performance levels which allow for fixture designs which have never been possible before. For applications with higher efficacy requirements the LED provides 78% at a driving current of 350mA. Respectively 80% at 250mA.

Reducing fixture size, reducing shadowing and ultimately lowering the fixture BOM cost. “Horticultural lighting is an absolute growth market which we have been leading for many years by providing more and constantly improved products,” explains Yong Shen Chew, Product Manager at OSRAM OS. “The significantly improved efficiency values help our customers save energy and lower the overall system cost.”

Introducing the OSLON® Square Gen 3. An easy drop-in upgrade for horticultural lighting applications based on previous OSLON® Square Hyper Red. Same mechanical and optical characteristics.

Available NOW. Contact your local OSRAM OS Sales representative for more details.

Grow your life

Leadership and expertise in professional LED horticulture applications and technologies. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a broad horticulture LED portfolio for professional top lighting, inter lighting and vertical farming applications. Our High and Mid Power LED families include 660 nm (hyper red), 450 nm (deep blue) and 730 nm (far red). All important wavelengths in three different radiation angles 80°, 120° and 150° to support the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers.

Professional horticulture lighting

Market leading performance in efficacy and robustness with the OSLON® Square Hyper Red 660nm reaching up to 80% wall plug efficiency. The OSLON® SSL and OSCONIQ® product families complete the LED portfolio for professional horticultural lighting. The small 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm footprint allows for very compact clustering. Flexible and efficient designs for professional top lighting, inter lighting and vertical farming applications.

If it is highest performance, high robustness and long lifetime you seek – the OSLON® Square will guide the way. Industry leading performance based on a 2mm² die LED.

For high performance, high robustness and long lifetime at best value – the OSCONIQ® P and OSLON® SSL series will provide ample design solutions for your horticulture applications using a 1mm² die LED.

For additional applications support we recommend to contact our Premium Application Support Service (PASS)

Consumer horticulture lighting

The DURIS® LEDs are offering exciting opportunities for innovative applications and designs. Thanks to OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' innovative color spectrum with a focus on 450 nm and 660 nm users will be able to grow their own food inhouse with horticultural lighting for home applications. The purple color achieves state-of-the-art efficacy and brightness. The standard footprint of 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm allows for a cost-efficient assembly of horticulture retrofit bulbs.

Professional Horticulture LEDs

  • Deep blue (450 nm) and hyper red (660 nm) to provide the light for the photosynthesis
  • Far red (730 nm) to control the plant from germination to vegetative growth and flowering
  • White to provide a human friendly working environment
  • High energy efficacy in μmol/J
  • High maximum driving current
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Different radiation angles – spot or wide illumination 80°, 120°, 150°
  • High reliable packages with superior lifetime and corrosion stability
  • Robust even in humid environment
  • Additional colors like Blue, True Green, Yellow, Red are also available for special light recipes
  • Best in class flux with hot/cold factor (85 °C to 25 °C)

Consumer Horticulture LEDs

  • Wide spectrum color solution
  • Complete portfolio with industrial standard footprint (3030) of 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm
  • Epoxy based package

Professional Horticulture Applications

  • Top lighting, inter lighting and vertical farming
  • Supplemental lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
  • Photoperiodic lighting and photo-morphological control
  • Urban farming and controlled environment farming
  • Algae grow lights and agriculture lighting
  • Agricultural lighting
  • Fish & Poultry lighting

Consumer Horticulture Applications

  • Consumer horticulture applications
  • Horticulture retrofit bulb