Horticulture Features

Horticulture Features
  • 100 % footprint compatible with complete color and radiation angle options
  • Deep blue (450 nm) and hyper red (660 nm) to provide the light for the photosynthesis
  • Far red (730 nm) to control the plant from germination to vegetative growth and flowering
  • Mint White (EQW) to add green content
  • Mint White (EQW) to provide a human friendly working environment
  • High energy efficacy in μmol/J
  • High maximum driving current up to 1 A
  • Low thermal resistance of 3.8 – 6 K/W
  • Different radiation angles – spot or wide illumination 80°, 120° and 150°
  • High reliable ceramic package with superior lifetime and corrosion stability
  • Robust even in humid environment
Horticulture Lighting Overview

Horticulture Lighting Overview