Wire and Wire Products

Through various drawing and annealing steps we form our rods to wires with optimized mechanical properties. We do our best to satisfy the customer's requirements by providing high quality for several applications including aerospace and automotive.

Heavy wire

We provide high quality, split-free heavy wire in a high variety of diameters, with cleaned or black surface, straightened, annealed, delivered on many different spools.

For your further processing (re-draw, cutting, lathing etc.) or for your special application, we would be pleased to advise you with the best solution. Give us a call, your request is very welcome.

Fine wire

Made from our heavy wire, we provide you also with high quality, split free fine wire down to smallest diameters of about 15 microns. With our own drawing die production we can assure constant quality, tight tolerances and are flexible to your custom requests and demands. Our fine wire is used for making filaments and coils for lighting, automotive and aerospace, windshield-heating, woven or knitted wire meshes as well as electrodes for electrical discharge machining (EDM).

High Quality Fine Wire from OSRAM - Please contact us with your inquiry, your application and request a quote!

Molybdenum Specialties

As a specialty product we provide rolled molybdenum ribbon in various widths and thicknesses.

Made from the ríbbon, we produce molybdenum tubes in many different sizes, diameters, thicknesses and lengths. They are used for example as squeeze-connectors to weld the tungsten filament to the current feeder pins in automotive lamps.

For coating mechanical components with a protective layer to increase the wear resistance, we provide our molybdenum spray wire for flame- or plasmaspraying. Increase the lifetime and performance of components by coating it with molybdenum.

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When traditional machining techniques like drilling, milling and turning reach their limits, electrical discharge machining (EDM) can be used to create complex shaped components. OSRAM produces high quality tungsten electrodes for sinker- or volume-EDM. These electrodes were developed to fulfill highest standards for leading automotive manufacturers.

Our tungsten electrodes are a good alternative to regular hard-metal EDM electrodes regarding both - cost and quality.

The electrodes have a very constant and exact diameter, are split free to guarantee homogeneous current flow and erosion without disruptions, they show a high contour-sharpness and surface quality. We can also tailor the ductility of the material to the application and manufacturing process, to customize the bending strength and flexibility to a desired value.

For details like possible lengths, diameters or other requests, you are very welcome to contact us.

Drawing Dies

We assure our high quality wire products by a long time experience in manufacturing our own drawing dies. Therefore we can offer custom made drawing dies with hard-metal, PCD or SCD diamond core for hot or cold drawing.

We have the ability and the knowledge to many machining techniques such as laser-drilling and wire-polishing to tailor all important parameters like entrance angle, approach angle, land section and other geometries to our customers need.

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Coils and Filaments

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